Reasons for Tree felling in Kirkland

What homeowner doesn’t do everything in their power to care for their trees as best they can? After all, great plants bring so many benefits to human life. Companies in the tree care business value trees just as much and will avoid cutting them down whenever possible. However, there are situations where it is appropriate to cut them down. The following outlines the types of circumstances involved.  


Diseased trees  

Disease is the main factor in the death of trees. In particular, Canadian ash trees have suffered major devastation by the emerald ash borer in recent years. Many specimens have died across the country. We do not always detect the presence of parasites quickly enough. However, it is essential to intervene as early as possible to have a chance of sparing the life of a tree. Often, the disease discovered is very advanced. It is then necessary to cut down the tree so that the disease does not spread to other trees in the vicinity or so that it does not become so weak that it is at risk of collapsing to the ground without warning. So, if there is any sign of concern, contact a tree service company such as emondage Repentigny to have someone come out and inspect the situation.  


Trees that exceed their allotted space  

Trees do not always grow as planned. For example, buildings may have been erected near it afterwards. So, even if a specimen has been planted in a choice location, there may come a day when it is too close to something, to the point of disturbing or posing a risk. Among the inconveniences that can result from this are roots that can damage the foundations of buildings or houses or branches that come too close to power lines. Less critically, it can also be a magnificent view that a large plant has ended up camouflaging. A simple pruning may be all that is needed to recover it.  

Tree felling Kirkland  

Dead Trees   

No homeowner likes to see trees die, regardless of whether they are growing on residential or commercial property. However, this unfortunate conclusion does occur. And then, the plant specimens must be cut down. Trees devoid of any life become increasingly weak and at risk of falling over. Such a fall can itself cause material damage or injury to people. If a roof is pierced or a car is crushed, this is not a good thing. Also, because of the safety hazard, when there is a presence of a dead tree, tree felling should be perform.  


Damaged trees  

Even a healthy tree can be damaged. This can happen following major storms, large thunderstorms or any mild weather event. Lightning is particularly known to damage even the most vigorous trees, sometimes to the point of death. A car may crash into a tree or an animal may damage it in its tracks. Sometimes trees can recover from this type of damage. A review of the situation will help to assess the chances of recovery.  


Trees that are a nuisance  

The quality of human life can occasionally be disrupted by a tree. For example, their abundant seeds or fruits are sometimes messy… for a property, for outdoor furniture, for a house… Some arboreal species are not very resistant by nature and the risk that the concerned specimens will fall can be worrying. Or, a development project emerges and, in the ideal location, a tree grows. In all of these cases, the situation must be analyzed before concluding that it should be cut down. There are probably alternatives for situations that are only annoying. On the other hand, if there is a danger and no alternative is possible, the disturbing plant must be removed. There are also times when the intervention is more urgent and others when there is still some latitude before proceeding.  


When it is necessary to cut down, it is preferable to delegate this dangerous task to a professional. He or she has the right equipment, is used to complex situations, and knows how to prepare the site to make it safe. A beginner or someone who is not used to this kind of work could take much longer, cause damage because he or she didn’t know how to do it better, or even get hurt. It can also result in unexpected additional costs. So it’s best to leave it to the experts. 

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