Reasons for tree removal in Pierrefonds

Just about every homeowner has affection for their trees and will therefore care about their well-being. The companies whose job it is to maintain the trees care about them just as much. Therefore, they will do everything possible to prevent trees from being cut down. However, in some situations, it is not possible to avoid it. This page outlines times when a beating is required.  


Sick trees  

Disease is one of the most common sources of tree mortality. It is possible to detect insect pest damage in tree specimens before it is too late, but often a tree removal is required. The emerald ash borer has been on the loose, killing many ash trees in Canada in recent years. So, when a tree looks like it has a disease, it is a good idea to have it examined as soon as possible. However, there are times when an infested tree may still need to be cut down. It may be feared that it is becoming too weak and is at risk of falling, or simply to prevent the disease from spreading to other plants. So, as soon as there is a sign of concern, it is recommended that you contact a tree care service company to come and inspect the condition of the tree. 


Trees that go a little too far  

The environment of trees can change. Even having planted a tree in the right place may not save it from getting into trouble later on. Indeed, it may be a building that was built too close afterwards. The growing tree can also become a threat to electrical wires. In all these cases, a felling may have to be done for safety reasons. But if it is less serious, such as a tree that has become a blot on a beautiful view over time, then simple pruning may suffice without the need to cut down the specimen. 

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Dead Trees   

The owner of a business or a residence does not like to see his trees die. However, this unfortunate end does occur. In this case, felling is not only necessary but must be done without delay. A dead tree that gradually weakens may have difficulty with storms. Ice, snow or strong winds may cause important branches or the entire specimen to fall. When this happens, property such as vehicles or buildings can be damaged. People can also be injured if they were to pass by at the fateful moment. A dead tree is simply dangerous and must be cut down.  


Weakened trees  

Damage can also occur to trees that are doing just fine. Winds, storms and tempests can damage them. Lightning can even cause serious damage or death. A tree can also be damaged by animals or because a vehicle has hit it. In these cases, it is also necessary to examine the situation to determine how to intervene in the best way.  


Disturbing trees  

Healthy trees can also disturb the peaceful lives of citizens. Some people may feel annoyed or distressed by the amount of seeds or fruit that fall from certain trees and soil their outdoor furniture, home or vehicle. The wood of certain species may be too weak and thus at risk of collapsing. It is possible that you have a new project in mind and that a large plant is in the wrong place. In these cases, it is best to think before cutting. A regulation may not allow it or alternatives may exist.  


If a tree has been uprooted by a storm and has fallen on a house, it should obviously be removed. Sometimes, fortunately, it is not as urgent. A reliable arborist like Emondage Saint-Constant will give you the straight goods and know how to do a carefully executed tree removal, if necessary. But a novice who is not a professional arborist can put himself or herself at risk, causing damage or injury because he or she did not know how to do it or did not have the proper equipment. Tree cutting should be left to the experts. 

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